The Finalists



Ubloquity has established roots in the agricultural and technology industry. Our first blockchain-enabled product was designed to prove the authenticity and provenance of beef cattle in Northern Ireland. We’ve since diversified to serve multiple sectors from retailers to regulators, pharmaceutical firms to food and beverage companies. We are operationalising blockchain technology across global supply chains. We do this by optimising the accuracy and traceability of critical data to enable goods and services to flow more seamlessly.


Holocene is a software solution for data compliance control relative to trade and customs. By leveraging patent-pending machine learning technologies, Holocene became the digital assistant of many import, export and trade compliance professionals, from SMEs to enterprises, in many segments like machinery, chemicals, and food and beverage, and worldwide from Mexico to Singapore, including the UK.

The Holocene Artificial Intelligence is able to extract data from internal and external sources, harmonise them and control them to generate value and many benefits.

First, many manual and repetitive tasks can be automated with a 100% quality. Processes are more efficient, less prone-to-error, and with reduced direct, indirect, and hidden costs. Foreign Trade teams’ capacity being increased, users work with a lower level of stress while having room for higher value added tasks like analytical ones or stakeholders’ management. 

Secondly, as a single-window tool, Holocene assists trade compliance professionals in navigating the volatility and complexity of regulations while being the perfect solution to bridge with logistics professionals for an enhanced collaboration.

Last but not least, Holocene turns data into information for more visibility, transparency and accountability. Decision-makers become proactive in managing and improving their operations while mitigating risks and improving top and bottom lines of their businesses.

Designed for and with import-export professionals, Holocene is a user-friendly solution requiring no onboarding and training effort. Certified ISO27001, SOC2 and Microsoft AI cloud partner, customers data are secured. Additionally, built as a plug-and-play Software-as-a-Service, Holocene provides both benefits of requiring no IT effort for integration with ERPs, TMSs, and other system and no financial effort with an immediate return-on-investment from 3 to 15x.

Thanks to Holocene, shippers, forwarders, CEPs, postal organisations and individuals can send goods in a borderless world.

Prima Dental Manufacturing Ltd                 

You can connect with Prima Dental at the Import Export Show 2023.



EziDrops Ltd is an inventor and manufacturer of medical devices. Our products are listed nationally in Boots, RNIB and many other pharmacy chains. Internationally, we are stocked in the USA [Walgreens], with orders having been shipped out to S. Africa, Greece, France, Germany, Finland, New Zeeland, Serbia and Australia.

Brand Organic                 

Brand Organic is an import agency specialising in organic FMCG, and in particular food and beverage. 

Originally founded in 2018 as a brokerage firm, the company pivoted to take up the mantle of importer in 2020 as a direct response to Brexit.

Since then Brand Organic has grown at pace, fuelled by a willingness to solve problems, provide clarity in an evolving commercial landscape and expand its international sourcing network. 

With a portfolio of 19 brands from 4 different continents available in 1000s of outlets across the UK, the company is increasingly recognised as a trusted leader in the organic FMCG space by both suppliers and customers alike.

Genevieve Sweeney Limited                  

Genevieve Sweeney is a luxury British knitwear brand devoted to the art of slow fashion with a seamless blend of tradition, innovation and sustainability at the heart. Creating unexpected knitwear that is forever practical, beautiful and responsibly made, solely in the UK. Elevating the everyday with enduring knitwear that becomes a part of the wearer’s story.

Charles Peter                 


Charles Peter is the International Business Development Manager at PG Paper, a global, award-winning pulp, paper, and board merchandising company. Charles has been a part of the Scottish import-export business since 2017 and is sincerely passionate about all aspects of international trading.  

Charles, as an expert international trader, excels in sales and procurement, trade negotiation, navigating complex supply chain requirements, and acquiring prospects in new markets on top of building his current business portfolio. Charles has played a pivotal role in PG Paper’s overarching business strategy and success in the last decade, being one of the business's top sales reps actively delving into international markets and contributing to the global flow of goods, driven by his strong account management skills and commitment to long-term business partnerships.  

Whether it’s pioneering exclusive import-export partnerships, collaborating with partners to develop new sustainable products, identifying key global players for potential new business opportunities, opening new accounts in emerging markets, or creating and establishing key strategic markets while smashing all targets, Charles has consistently demonstrated a relentless drive and ambition, all geared towards ensuring the company’s future success and expanding its international trading operations. 

Charles has always pursued a proactive approach to skills development in his journey within international trade. Being a multilingual speaker and a jack of all trades, Charles recognises that a well-rounded skill set is essential for long-term success and is as passionate about sharing his skills and knowledge with his team, often taking new team members under his wing for mentorship and guidance.  

From actively participating in global paper exhibitions to driving greater research into areas like global supply chain management, trade regulations, and market analysis, Charles’s drive, energy, and versatile trade skills have continually fueled his career success. As he looks towards new opportunities within the industry, he is always determined to further expand his expertise with an insatiable appetite for success. 

John Omoti                 

Vice President, Trade & Supply Chain Finance, Bank of China Limited, London, John Omoti has up to 21 years’ experience in all aspects of trade finance operations, implementation and product management and development working mainly within transaction banking for various banks. He is a Certificated Professional Banker (CCBI) with the Chartered Bankers Institute and is a Certified Documentary Credit Specialist (CDCS), PRINCE2 with an MBA in Finance.  

He is a seasoned banking professional with extensive expertise in Trade and Supply Chain Finance. As the Vice President of Trade & Supply Chain Finance at Bank of China Limited in London, he oversees strategic initiatives and operations related to international trade financing and supply chain solutions. 

With a distinguished career spanning over two decades, John has built a reputation for driving innovation and fostering collaborations within the financial sector. He possesses a deep understanding of global trade dynamics, enabling him to provide valuable insights to clients and stakeholders. John is renowned for his ability to develop bespoke financial solutions tailored to the unique needs of multinational corporations, SMEs, and trading partners. 

Throughout his career, John has been instrumental in leveraging cutting-edge technologies to streamline trade processes and enhance supply chain efficiency. He is known for his proactive approach in identifying emerging market trends and translating them into actionable strategies, positioning Bank of China as a leader in the competitive landscape of international trade and supply chain finance. 

With a proven track record of successful partnerships and innovative financial solutions, John Omoti continues to be a driving force in shaping the future of international trade and supply chain finance at Bank of China Limited, London. 

He has previously worked in Trade Finance dept. in MUFG Bank (UK) Ltd, Bank of America, GTBank UK Limited, Zenith Bank UK Limited & Sumitomo Mitui Banking Corporation.  

Hannah Donnelly                 

Hannah is 31, from Liverpool, currently working for Equilibrium Products Ltd – a UK based company designing and producing products with animal welfare at the centre of their ethos. Hannah is a qualified physiotherapist, who had worked in the NHS for 8 years before transitioning to work on the international team of the family business. Since the move – the international revenue has grown 17% from last year, with a projected growth of a further 20% next year. Alongside her full-time job, Hannah is studying her PgDIP at Liverpool University for Veterinary Physiotherapy, and is due to graduate in 2025.

Eurolatin Strategy Consulting                 


“Out of the worst crises come the best opportunities”

I am Patricia Caiza CEO of Eurolatin Strategy Consulting Ltd, an Ecuadorian lawyer by profession, specialising in Corporate and Commercial Law. I have experience in providing end-to-end legal and commercial advice to foreign companies with clients in Ecuador.

When I arrived in England in 2017, the biggest issue the UK was facing was Brexit uncertainty. In 2019 uncertainty of Brexit continued and put business and trade both in limbo and at risk of a crisis due to the export agreements that existed between the UK and the European Union, which totaled 43% overall. 

This environment was far from ideal for many companies in the UK. For me, however, it was a great opportunity for Latin America, and it was that opportunity that inspired me in October 2019 to create Eurolatin Trading Corporation Ltd.

COVID-19 was another challenge that we had to go through, a very complicated time for all companies and Eurolatin was affected because we were a new and small company, with a global vision. Despite the global crisis, we continued working hard and followed our corporate values, maintaining high standards.

Innovation, resilience, and commitment are integral parts of Eurolatin's DNA. With this in mind, an official relaunch was undertaken on the 16th of November 2022, presenting a refreshed business model that better reflects our mission, which is to connect, consolidate, and help businesses grow with commercial strategies. Provide a presence, and visibility, and overcome barriers with the help of an experienced and multicultural consultant team.

In this relaunch, we present the projects proposed for 2023 focused on facilitating commercial connections with Ecuador as the starting point for Latin America. Current projects include a business mission to Ecuador and Expo LATAM 2024.

Eurolatin is committed to informing and educating business leaders about the benefits and opportunities of doing business in Latin American markets. The business mission to Ecuador was held in June 2023. It was an event that opened great opportunities to strengthen the commercial exchange between both nations, supporting producers, entrepreneurs, and investors to boost their businesses and improve trade connections and international market penetration.

At the close of this mission, Eurolatin closed institutional cooperation agreements between the Chambers of Commerce, important universities, and government.

Institutions in Ecuador. We are currently working on an environmental project with a Scotch Whiskey company helping them open the market in Ecuador.

We are also preparing and strengthening connections in the UK to strengthen and develop contributions to the Expo LATAM 2024 project, where we aspire to have companies in the food and drinks industries among others from Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, and Mexico.

This is how Eurolatin continues to strengthen foreign trade and promote connections between Latin America and the United Kingdom; we are happy to collaborate with organisations or companies that share the same values, to have a more significant and positive impact. 

As we like to say:

“More United Kingdom in Latin America and more Latin America in the United Kingdom.”

Akmal Tokiboev                 

You can connect with Akmal Tokiboev at the Import Export Show 2023.

Customs Pioneers LTD                 

Customs Pioneers LTD emerged as a response to significant changes and challenges which appeared regarding Brexit. The historic departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union introduced complications in the flow of goods between the UK and EU, necessitating new customs procedures.
The UK is home to many businesses run by immigrants from Eastern European countries. Understanding the new trade rules between the UK and the EU was particularly challenging for them. Consequently, a significant portion of Polish companies decided to withdraw from the British market, primarily due to the confusion and uncertainty surrounding the new regulations.
Customs Pioneers Ltd has stepped up to address these challenges, providing support and assistance in adapting to the new regulations in both Polish and English languages. Our role is to facilitate companies in navigating the new reality and achieving success in the British market. Some returned and some new companies appeared on the market as they saw that there is a way to bring goods to the UK without big problems and complications, with our help.

Our business is open to any society. We can help any client with difficulties bringing goods into the UK or exporting them to Europe. We have also been involved in difficult areas, such as the Ukraine crisis.

Elsie Etienne                 


Elsie Etienne currently serves as an Export Control and Customs Specialist at Vattenfall Wind Power Ltd, a prominent player in the sustainable energy sector. In this role, she holds a critical responsibility for ensuring strict adherence to international trade and customs regulations.

With a robust background in managing customs policies and licenses for distinguished organisations such as Asahi Beer International and Samsung Electronics, Elsie has cultivated a comprehensive skill set in export, import procedures and processes. These experiences have equipped her with a profound understanding of customs regulations, allowing her to adeptly navigate intricate regulatory landscapes. 

In response to the transformative impacts of Brexit, Elsie played a pivotal role in ensuring full compliance with the new regulations within her previous organisations. Furthermore, her introduction to the wind industry heightened the need for a comprehensive understanding of regulations. Strategically, addressing the customs and trade implications impacting the wind industry; preparing the business for optimal compliance and operational efficiency.

As an experienced customs specialist, Elsie excels in maneuvering through complex regulatory environments and collaborating seamlessly with stakeholders across diverse functions to achieve both regulatory, legal conformity and operational effectiveness. 

Elsie remains steadfast in her commitment to staying informed about the latest advancements in the field. She holds a Bachelor in Management with Corporate Responsibility from the University of Royal Holloway as well as a professional diploma in International Trade Compliance. She is currently pursuing part-time a master's degree in International Export Control Compliance from the Universities for Export Compliance Alliance and a Bachelor of Law. This comprehensive program equips her with the skills to manage compliance risk effectively, covering a spectrum from legal and regulatory considerations to the intricacies of dual-use items, sanctions, embargoes, and the latest methodologies in export control management, including Internal Compliance Programs (ICP) and Enhanced Due Diligence.

At Vattenfall Wind Power, Elsie takes pride in being part of a company dedicated to advancing sustainable energy solutions. Her role allows her to contribute actively to the mission of creating a cleaner and greener future. Passionate about customs, trade regulations and law; Elsie is committed to achieving the highest levels of regulatory conformance and operational efficiency as a devoted export control and customs professional.

Ugur Kizikoglu                 

My name is Ugur Kizikoglu. I am 29 years old and married. As the founder and the managing director of Kev Limited, I started to live in the UK permanently in 2017. After graduating from university in Turkey, I worked in the automotive industry, specialising in the export department. By using the knowledge and experience I've gained through these experiences, I have started our company in the HGV industry and I am the youngest managing director in the automotive industry in the UK.

Ben Bradford                 

In the last year, Ben has become the International Trade Director at Tees Global. In this time he has delivered training to businesses and, most notably, the core team at the North East Department for International Trade (as it was at the time) on a number of key international trade topics. He's been an integral part of the launch, and continued success, of the free international trade magazine: Horizon. The magazine  provides educational support and guidance for businesses who trade internationally or are looking to start their international journey. Through the magazine and his training, Ben has supported businesses across the region to trade efficiently and compliantly, and to build a support network which businesses can trust and depend upon.

Gateley Plc                 


Empowering businesses, enriching economies and embracing global success, Gateley Global is a new market entry and economic development consultancy specialising in all aspects of international trade and investment. Our expertise spans both the private and the public sector.

We understand the challenges that companies face when expanding into new markets, and we provide a concierge and project management service to detail what companies need to do and when they need to do it to successfully operate in new, global markets.

We understand the drivers of international business and use this knowledge to break down the barriers of global growth, doing the heavy lifting and helping them realise their international expansion objectives, so that they can focus on growing their businesses.

We also understand the challenges that government organisations and investment and trade promotion agencies face to ensure delivery of impactful investment across all their regions in order to drive sustainable, economic growth for their communities. Gateley Global provides tailored solutions and services to help our local, national and international government and promotion agency clients overcome increasing global competition, the requirement to do more with less and resourcing and time constraints.

We run programmes, deliver projects, run outsourced managed services and provide access to digital assets to ensure our clients can seamlessly meet – and exceed – their international trade and investment objectives.

Gateley Global is part of Gateley Plc, a multidisciplinary legal and professional services group. In addition to international work, our expertise spans corporate, commercial, property, and a range of business and leadership consultancy businesses. Gateley was the first UK commercial law firm to list on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). Gateley Group is made up of 13 complementary businesses that employ over 1,500 people, and it has 16 offices across the UK and an office in Dubai.

RM Boulanger                 

Introducing RM BOULANGER (RMB) – Your go-to fiscal and VAT service provider for all your EU market needs! 

At RMB, our team of VAT experts works tirelessly to provide exceptional services to businesses of all sizes, making it easier for them to navigate the complexities involved in fiscal formalities. We know that customs and tax issues can be a nightmare for companies, which is why we’re here.

Our "One-stop-shop" approach is what sets us apart from the rest. We understand that establishing a physical entity in the EU market can be a daunting task (and most of the time costly and unnecessary!). With our comprehensive solutions, UK businesses can sell in the EU without the hassle of establishing a physical entity while RMB takes care of all VAT obligations. This way, companies can focus on what they do best: growing their businesses.

At RMB, we believe that innovation is the key to success. We continuously strive to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the ever-evolving tax laws and regulations in each country. Our team of experts is always up-to-date with the latest developments and is committed to delivering exceptional services that meet our clients' needs and that they stay compliant all the way. 

In the last 2 years alone, RMB has helped over 500 British businesses successfully import their products across the diverse borders of the European Union and we are very proud to be part of the UK’s Department for Business and Trade’s (DBT) Overseas Referral Network (ORN). 



VHR is a technical recruitment organisation serving the Aerospace & Aviation, F1 & Automotive Engineering, Engineering & Manufacturing, Defence & Security, Civils & Infrastructure, Technology and Marine industries across 52 countries.

Created in 2003 and celebrating our 20th year in recruitment, VHR delivers a partner-orientated recruitment approach. We go the extra mile by acting an extension of our clients’ HR departments and delivering end-to-end services that encompass recruiting, onboarding, work permits, logistics and in-work management.

With nine global offices and two more in the pipeline, VHR finds talent needed around the world when unavailable domestically through our Talent Creation programmes. VHR offer a range of training services including online aviation training, classroom training, on-job training and practical training. 

We source, recruit and onboard high-quality contract and permanent workers to short time scales, high volumes and specific requirements. We are passionate about the industries where we operate, the career-enhancing support we provide and the people with whom we work.

In addition to providing the best client services, VHR strives to improve the working lives of our contractors. We are prominent supporters of ethical recruitment. Our services are built on the Dhaka Principles to provide all candidates with high-quality accommodation, protection from modern slavery and mistreatment, and working relationships built on communication and respect.

OEE Container Technology                 

Founded in 2018 by Managing Directors, Bruce Jones and Sue Jones, OEE Container Technology Limited (OEE) was created to fill the skills gap and to provide engineering, support and improvement services to the ever-growing packaging manufacturing market, primarily focused on beverage cans and beverage ends, food cans and food ends and packaging equipment.

OEE is based in Carlisle, Cumbria and recently opened its first overseas office in the United Arab Emirates. With their extensive experience and a proven track record of delivering outstanding results, OEE are the go-to experts in the field.

OEE offer a wide range of products and services including:

  • Automation and control
  • Bespoke machine parts
  • Design and modelling
  • Precision tooling
  • Process improvement
  • Project management
  • Training and development
  • Turn-key projects
  • Value-added support

By working with OEE, you can expect exceptional value and immediate returns on your investment. Their highly skilled engineers and dedicated employees are committed to your success.

OEE operate across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, North America, South America, and Asia and have no limitation on where they can travel. For more information, please visit: 


Wrapology International Limited                 

Wrapology is a leading pioneer of high-quality, sustainable luxury packaging. Located in London, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China, the company serves brands in the areas of beauty, jewellery, perfume and household appliances. 

With a passion for design, sustainable materials and innovative supply chains, Wrapology supplies brands globally to help drive sales and meet CSR targets. 

Tom Bosanquet, co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Wrapology, added: ‘Our market environment is characterised by expanding networks. Scale growth, geographical diversification and portfolio expansion are therefore crucial. Earlier this year we were delighted to be merged with the Carton Group and Waterland, who will help us scale and further expand our business model. 

We are delighted to be shortlisted for this award among some other outstanding candidates.



We are RS. Across the industrial design, manufacturing and maintenance worlds, we’re the digital destination for product and service solutions to help our customers with the maintenance, repair and operation of their businesses.
We provide global access to an unrivalled range of over 750,000 stocked industrial products. Each day our team of experts deliver solutions to resolve our customer’s challenges across design, procurement, inventory and maintenance. We consistently strive to deliver the best possible service to all of our customers and challenge ourselves to provide a seamless procurement experience.
Our unique strength lies in the combination of our global distribution network, industry-leading inventory management systems and strong operational efficiencies. Operating in 31 countries, we have long-term immersive partnerships with over 2,500 suppliers.
Our purpose, Making Amazing Happen for a Better World, reflects our focus on delivering results for people, planet and profit. How will we make this future a reality? Through our 2030 ESG action plan – For a Better World. Launched in November 2021, this plan is formed around four global goals and 15 ambitious actions for 2030.

Feritech Global                 

Feritech Global was founded in 2015 by Rob Ferris and Gemma Ferris. It is an advanced engineering company specialising in designing and building products that are used in extreme marine environments. The company built its reputation by carrying out marine geotechnical surveys.  

Although only a small team, Feritech challenged themselves to develop world-leading products that would set new standards. Their current strategic focus is on the fast-growing offshore renewables industry and its products help to streamline and accelerate offshore projects around the world. 

The company develops new products at the cutting edge of innovation. For example, it is currently developing the world’s first autonomous subsea vehicle for geotechnical surveys.  

Feritech now trades in more than 40 countries around the world, including the USA, France, Germany and Singapore. Exports account for 95% of the company’s turnover.  

All Feritech equipment is designed and built at their new Innovation Centre in Cornwall. When planning their new Innovation Centre near Falmouth, Feritech wanted to prove that advanced manufacturing could work in harmony with the environment. 

The site harvests its own water, from boreholes that Feritech has drilled. It has a state of the art solar roof, combined with on-site power storage. This creates three times more power than all their manufacturing consumes, with the surplus exported to the grid. Air source heating is used for the offices. The company has planted 3,000 trees, to help blend with its rural location and promote biodiversity. A pond captures the surface run-off from the site, creating a heat store and providing new wildlife habitats. In addition, the building is designed so that there is no light pollution or noise pollution. 

Feritech recently received a King’s Award For Enterprise in recognition of the company’s outstanding performance in International Trade.  

Feritech’s success is now allowing it to expand into new markets, including telecommunications and aerospace. 

The Hilditch Group                 

The Hilditch Group: Pioneers of Medical Equipment Resale 

With a rich history of innovation, the Hilditch Group has been a driving force in the used medical equipment industry since its establishment in 1990 by the Hilditch family. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and integrity has led us to expand our operations throughout Europe, and our reach now extends to supporting customers across 164 countries worldwide. 

At the Hilditch Group, we believe that true solutions extend beyond profit, enhancing the quality of life for all. Our sustainable model is dedicated to shaping a circular healthcare system by minimising medical equipment waste, and we proudly support medical equipment engineering equity for developing nations. Our dedication to social value compels us to create positive impacts in people's lives and champion healthcare organisations in their pursuit of green initiatives and net-zero targets. 

What We Do: The Hilditch Group specialises in managing the resale of redundant, surplus, and decommissioned medical equipment, proudly serving the NHS and healthcare organisations. We resell equipment to a global buyer network through auctions and direct sales, providing sustainable solutions in the UK, Europe, and beyond. 

Our Approach: We offer comprehensive services, including valuations, collections, resale, site clearances, project management and equipment redistribution, ensuring risk mitigation and maximum value for our clients, whether they are buying or selling. Our expert teams optimise equipment assets, whether selling redundant devices, managing site clearances, or facilitating eco-friendly waste removal with a zero-to-landfill approach aligned with net-zero goals. 

Medical Expertise: Our ISO 13485 certified in-house medical engineers test, repair, upgrade, and maintain a wide range of equipment. We offer Planned Preventative Maintenance Contracts (PPMC’s) and Data Protection Services; fully certified and compliant with industry standards, including Cyber Essentials Plus and HMG Infosec Standard 5, Higher Standard. Our medical engineers also provide equipment deinstallation, safely dismantling equipment, ensuring proper packing and preparation for resale, while minimising waste and maximising value.  

We are more than just an auction marketplace; the Hilditch Group has positioned itself as the preferred choice for healthcare organisations. With over 30 years of experience as European leaders, we are the trusted partners for buying and selling quality used medical equipment. Our secure, transparent, and convenient services make the reuse, resale, and redistribution of equipment a convenient and low risk solution.