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Paula Bellamy

Paula Bellamy

Managing Director & Shareholder, Oceanwide Logistics, Dubai (OL-Dubai) / UK & Europe business development Manager

Ocean Wide Logistics Dubai was founded in August 2016. OL Dubai is in addition to OL Holdings USA, with 15 offices throughout the USA, Canada, Shanghai and Hong Kong. OL is also part of a global agency network, giving access to over 110 countries and experienced agents. The core business is freight forwarding via sea freight, air freight and road freight.

Paula Bellamy grew up in Felixstowe, left school at 16 and started her career in HM Customs & Excise, then moved into logistics, learning accounting, imports, exports, road haulage and also trying a shipping line, finally choosing freight forwarding as her career of choice. She was employed as General Manager by an American firm to run their UK office and warehouse, a position she held for 10 years, from 2001 - 2011.

In 2011, her husband and family moved to Dubai to explore other opportunities and further their careers. To this end, she was able to set up a freight forwarding company from zero, creating a very successful office from 2011 through 2016.

In 2016, Paula set up OL Dubai again from zero; the team followed her leadership and together they created a very successful freight forwarding office in Dubai with many good relationships such as 3rd party warehousing, sea-freight and airfreight carrier contracts and in-house customs clearance processing. The knowledge combined in this office ensures the clients receive everything they need for local Middle East end-of-end logistics with their freight forwarding movements internationally.

This brings us up to date for 2020 'the year of change' and like many others, Paula's situation changed as her husband was made redundant, her children had moved onto university and work-based placements and therefore they chose to relocate back to the UK.

So in March 2021, Paula decided to use the relocation to her own and OL's advantage. Together with the support of the president of OL USA Alan Baer, it was decided that Paula would strengthen OL relationships in the UK & Europe for commercial shipments to the UAE the USA and beyond, Paula also continues to be the Remote Managing Director for the UAE and travels between the UK & Dubai every quarter.

For the UK development, Paula will work to build a recognized OL office for clients and partners alike to again ensure local knowledge is readily accessible for any client that requires more in-depth information, or just a seamless logistics end-to-end move which can only serve to strengthen the global network of OL own offices.

Relationship building and networking are strengths and passions of Paula, so she will continue to help clients, partners and friends across the world to connect in a stronger and more enjoyable way.

Chloe Whitehouse-Giles

Chloe Whitehouse-Giles

Chloe is experienced in pricing and sales, based in the UK but with great relationships worldwide working in multi-modal transportations while empowering and developing the sales team as a whole.


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